Boustead Agreement And Company Owned By Wanita Umno Scrutinised


HULU KLANG, 17 FEB: The sale and purchase agreement involving Boustead Holdings Berhad (Boustead), a company owned by Deepak Jaikishan and a company owned by a Selangor Wanita Umno Chief will be scrutinised to examine if there was any embezzlement.

PKR Strategy Director, Rafizi Ramli said that he is now a shareholder of Boustead which allows him to check the agreement to see if there is any evidence of misuse of the Armed Forces Board (LTAT) funds.

Prior to this, Boustead, which is an LTAT unit investment, bought a company owned by Selangor Wanita Umno Chief Senator Datuk Raja Ropiah Abdullah and a company owned by Deepak with a total of RM160 million.

“Last month I bought Boustead shares and now I am an official shareholder of Boustead Holdings.

“This Wednesday, Allah willing, we will all go to Boustead and we will check every sheet of the agreement.

“If there is even a small irregularity or even a small mistake, we take (the case) to court so that the RM160 million will be saved from being stolen by anyone,” he stressed in a series of talks at the AU3 Recreation Park in Keramat Wangsa last night.

Recently, Rafizi and several former soldiers were prevented by Boustead’s management from reviewing the agreement.

Boustead’s excuse was that LTAT contributors are not allowed to check the documents of the land sale.

LTAT saves contributions from the military personnel payroll.

Previously, it was reported that Boustead bought the two companies with the pretext of wanting to own the 200 acres of land in Bukit Raja, Klang.

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