Gangnam Style Three ‘NO’s Concert More ‘Dahsyat’ Than Two Bersih Events and One HKR 112 (video)


SHAH ALAM, 12 FEB: After being stung by visitors of the ‘Gangnam Style’ presentation by “Psy” organised by Umno-BN last night, the Federal Government was criticised for keeping secret the cost of bringing in the South Korean artist which took up RM 2 million.

The Chairman of the Youth Solidarity Malaysia (SAMM) Badrul Hisham Shaharin said that the RM 2 million should have been used to finance the sick, charitable organisations or schools.

“Which sponsor would be willing to pay RM 2 million but keeps it a secret? Wouldn’t the sponsor want their contribution to be know for the sake of promoting their goods or services.

“This is the first time in the world of sponsorship that a sponsor would give out money but conceals the fact,” said Badrul Hisham, quoted from his blog.

Badrul Hisham added that previously, the Penang Umno have criticised and questioned many activities organised by the Penang Government.

“Did Umno Penang agree to bring the Korean artist with the cost of RM 2 million to sing one song?

News reports earlier claimed that Umno-BN had spent RM 2 million to just ring “Psy” to perform the “Gangnam Style” song at the Federal Government’s Chinese New Year open house in Georgetown, Penang.

However, Umno-BN’s aim to gain popularity from the show was a failure and become the talk of internet users when Prime Minister Najib Razak announced the performance by “Psy” to the audience.

“When asked if those present were ready for Psy, everyone simultaneously said ‘Yes’,” said Badrul.

“… Unfortunately, when he took the opportunity to ask if everyone was ready for BN? Majority of those present said ‘No’. ”

Meanwhile, DAP Parliamentary Leader, Lim Kit Siang said that the audience response to the question clearly marks the end of support for Najib and Umno-BN.

“Can a South Korean K-pop star give life and soul to Najib’s 1Malaysia policy?

“The tremors of the three ‘yes’ to the question whether they were ready for ‘Psy’ was followed by three ‘no’ when asked if they were ready for BN has shattered Najib’s confidence.

Kit Siang said that the blow from the incident is more ‘dahsyat’ (terrible) to Umno-BN compared to the Bersih 2.0, Bersih 3.0 or HKR 112 assemblies.

“(Because) it was his own doing,” said Kit Siang.

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