Ijok Seniors Happy To Receive A Visit From Chief Minister


BESTARI JAYA, 15 FEB: A former teacher who served more than 25 years, Sana’ah Binti Muhammad who is bedridden because she suffers from diabetes and had her leg amputated three years ago, did not expect to receive a visit from the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim today.

Sana’ah, who now lives with her child in Taman Yang Ming, Bestari Jaya, was overwhelmed by the willingness of Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim to visit her at her house even with Abdul Khalid’s busy schedule as the Chief Minister and Ijok Assemblyman.

Previously, Sana’ah served as a teacher at Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Badong and Sekolah Kebangsaan Jaya Setia.

“I extend my deepest appreciation to Tan Sri Khalid who is willing to visit me here and I would like to express my thanks for the assistance provided,” Sana’ah said when met by TVSelangor.


Abdul Khalid and representatives of the Chief Minister’s Office in the Ijok constituency also took this opportunity to find out about the latest developments pertaining to her health and provided contributions to ease the burden a little.

During his visit to Bestari Jaya, Abdul Khalid also took the opportunity to pay a visit to the home of another former teacher, Salamah Ali who is suffering from kidney disease and requires dialysis services.

“Tan Sri Khalid’s visit together with the representatives of the Chief Minister’s Office from the Ijok state assembly means a lot to my family and we greatly appreciate it,” said Salamah.

Abdul Khalid also visited Jamaludin Tahir in Taman Seri Indah to present to him a wheelchair.

Earlier, Abdul Khalid, together with the locals here, performed the Friday Solat at Pekan Bestari Jaya Jame’ India Mosque.

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