Low Prices For Oil, Electricity, Water, New Car As Low As RM25,000 When PR Governs


SHAH ALAM, 25 FEB: Pakatan Rakyat (PR) will reduce the cost of living by lowering oil prices, electricity, toll, and water charges and car prices if the coalition of parties is able to form government in the upcoming 13th General Elections.

This will be achieved through the elimination of monopolies in sectors such as power generation, water, telecommunication and food items.

The initiative is contained in the people’s manifesto themes ‘Pakatan Harapan Rakyat’ (The People‚Äôs Alliance of Hope) which was presented at the 4th PR Convention here at Shah Alam Convention Centre.

Among them, PR will distribute gains from oil revenue to reduce the price of petrol and diesel.

PR will also be channelling gas subsidies of RM25 billion, which is usually given to independent generators, directly to the people to lower electricity charges borne by the people.

Apart from that, water concessions managed by private companies resulting in higher water charges, will be stopped.

“Pakatan Rakyat will ensure that the state and federal government cooperate towards lowering water charges with the guarantee that the people will only pay a reasonable amount for operation costs.

PR will also takeover highways in stages for the purpose of eliminating tolls.

The funding for highway operations costs will be covered by using the RM5 billion which all this time has been paid as a compensation to highway concessionaires.

Meanwhile prices of goods will reduce when the monopoly held by several cronies who are close to the Umno-BN leadership, are eliminated.

“For example, monopolies exist in most major sectors in the country – from telecommunication till ASTRO, from the price of rice to sugar prices,” he said.

Meanwhile for cars, car excise taxes will be lowered in stages for the purpose of eliminating it within 5 years so that car prices are more competitive.

“Currently, the excise tax imposed are too extreme at 70 percent which then shoots up the car prices.

“Hence, PR believes that the national automotive industry that is truly competitive can produce cars at prices as low as RM25,000 each,” he said.

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