PKR Claims There’s Evidence Of The EC Registering New Voters Without Nominee’s Knowledge


PETALING JAYA, 19 FEB: Registration assistants and the Election Commission (EC) can be dragged to justice should they be found to conspire in the new voter registration fraud without the knowledge of the original nominee.

Kuantan Member of Parliament, Fuziah Salleh claims that based on complaints received so far, PKR has enough evidence to take them to court although prior to this the EC did not view the matter as something out of the ordinary.

According to her, the sudden surge of new voters shows elements of criminal offences in terms of national law enshrines under the Election Offences Act (5) 1954, Section 3 (1) (a).

“The Section specifies, any persons who knowingly makes any false statements in or in connection with any application to be included in any list of electors.

“Can be liable, imprisoned for a term not exceeding two years or fined not exceeding five thousand ringgit or both, fined and imprisoned,” she said in a press conference.

According to Fuziah, complaints have been received from people of various backgrounds including students studying overseas, voters that have just reached the voting age, adults who have never registered and also Puteri Umno members.

PKR urges all parties in the above categories to immediately check their voter status at the EC website or through party representatives.

She stressed that the EC has been asked to give their full cooperation to withdraws voter registration forms if requested by the voters themselves.

Refusal by the EC to cooperate will invite the people to suspect that the EC is controlled by Umno-BN, she added.

“If it is found that their names were registered without (their) knowledge, they are advised to visit the nearest EC office to withdraw their application forms.

“If the EC does not cooperate, please report it to us.

“Upon withdrawal of the form, please file a police report against the perpetrator of the offence.

“Submit a copy of the withdrawal form and the police report to us. PKR will appoint a legal council to look into this case,” she added.

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