PR Ends 50 Year Land Ownership Issue Ignored by Three Umno-BN YB


SEPANG, 16 FEB: Residents of Kampung Abu Bakar Baginda are finally able to breathe a sigh of relief when their wait for over 50 years to own the land that they have been living on all these while was achieved.

Efforts to own the land which hoses 15 families in the village started 50 years ago by the previous generation.

However, according to the residents who were met after the 5A Form Presentation Ceremony, previous efforts were not attended to by the State Government which was then led by Umno-BN.

“(The wait has been) so long that three BN YBs have changed. Now I am relieved. It is this which I have been waiting for.


“We have been carrying out efforts for more than 50 years but when we bring it up, we get no answer,” said the 71 year-old Hussin Ahmad emotionally.

He confessed that prior to this, he was an Umno member and he said that now, he will support the current State Government in the upcoming elections.

Latjiman Keman, 48, told of the efforts to attain the right to the land which his family has been residing on was started by his late father.

“This struggle is older than I am, and we almost came to a dead end. However, today’s success is able to salvage the sweat (struggle) of my late father.


“Together, we share this joy, from the first generation, the second generation and the third.

“The efforts undertaken by the State Government is a noble effort which should be continued to help the people who are facing similar problems,” said Latjiman.

Meanwhile, Agricultural Modernisation, Natural Resources Management and Entrepreneur Development Exco, Dr Yaakob Sapari said that the residents in Kampung Datuk Abu Bakar Baginda now no longer have to fear the possibility of their land being taken by the Central Government.

“This land that they have been living on is close to Putrajaya, the province of the Central Government which is growing at a fast pace. Therefore, there is a risk that the land will be taken by the Central Government.

However, now that they have received the 5A form, they no longer have to worry. Residents can now live in peace,” he said.

Prior to this, during a ceremony held at the Kampung Datuk Abu Bakar Baginda Mosque, 15 residents received the 5A form which was presented by Dr Yaakob, representing the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

The 5A form is a land ownership grant from the State Government to a certain individual.

The forms can also be regarded as a confirmation of land ownership by the individual with a premium of RM1,000 only.

During the era of the Umno-BN administration, recipients of the 5A form are required to pay a premium of at least 20 percent of the value of the land which caused there to be grant recipients from the low income group that had to refuse the grant as they could not afford to pay the high premium.

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