PR Implements Women’s, Senior Citizen’s Social Security Contributions


SHAH ALAM, 25 FEB: Pakatan Rakyat clearly recognises women’s contributions by outlining a specific promise in efforts to uplift women in the ‘The People’s Alliance of Hope’ Manifesto.

Among other things, PR targets 30 percent participation of women in managerial, leadership, and private and public sector administration by 2017.

When governing the country, PR will also implement the Malaysian Women’s Contribution where every wife will be qualified to receive the contributions as a social safety net to ensure their welfare.

The contribution policy requires for husbands to contribute, according to income levels (from RM10 per month to RM100 per month), to a contributions fund.

“The money then can be withdrawn by the wife in certain circumstances that meet the conditions such as divorce, natural disasters, accidents and when she is at the age of 50,” quoting from the content of the manifesto.

Apart from contributions from husbands, the government will also contribute RM50 per month for ever wife and the contributions will be managed by the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) as a part of the social safety net.

For senior citizens, Pakatan Rakyat will expand the Senior Citizens’ Bonus Scheme where every senior citizen aged 60 and above will receive a bonus worth RM1,000 every year to help ease their financial burdens.

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