RCI Should Investigate Abdullah, Najib For Continuing Mahathir’s Legacy


PETALING JAYA, 1 FEB: Datuk Seri Najib Razak and former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Badawi, should testify in the Royal Commission of Inquiry’s (RCI) investigation regarding the ‘IC Project’ in Sabah.

This is because, according to PKR Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, when Tun Mahathir Mohamad was in power, he had set up a special committee to provide identification cards to illegal immigrants in Sabah to enable them to vote in the state elections at that time.

Anwar also reiterated his willingness to be investigated regarding this issue.

He added that when he was the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister, there was not even one meeting minutes that showed that he was present and had received the report.

“There have never been any such record because it was a special operations by the Committee conducted by the Prime Minister and at that time, it (the operations) were passed to (Tan Sri) Aziz Samsudin and (Tan Sri) Megat Junid.

“The important thing we do know is that the special committee is still continuing. Actually, we should ask Tun Abdullah Badawi and Datuk Seri Najib.

“Najib, as Prime Minister, is still continuing and operating the special committee under the Prime Minister until, probably, the end of last year.

“Can he (Mahathir) deny that he was responsible? He founded the special committee, he appointed Aziz Samsuddin and Megat Junid and all reports were given by him and to his knowledge. This is what should be answered,” he said in response to a statement by Mahathir.

Yesterday, the media reported that Tun Mahathir claims that Anwar was involved in the provision of identity cards to foreigners in Sabah.

In the meantime, Anwar urged the Malaysian government, particularly the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) to cooperate with the government of Philippines regarding the alleged involvement of an individual wanted by the police of Philippines, Manuel Karingal Amalilio, in the fraud case against more than 15,000 people and involving almost RM900 million (12 billion pesos).

He stressed that this cooperation is important in efforts to restore the country’s reputation and diplomatic relations which have been fostered seeing that this case has been widely covered by the local Philippine government even though the said individual has connections with the Sabah Chief Minister, Datuk Musa Aman.

“It is important that when there is a case, the police, (and) the Ministry of Home Affairs should be aware of this case and see if there is basis to cooperate with the Philippine government to continue investigations and prosecutions.

“(This situation) is not helpful in safeguarding relations between two countries when we try to protect criminals,” he said.

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