Residents Dissatisfied With BN Painting Flat Without Consent


PETALING JAYA SELATAN, 6 FEB: Umno-BN leaders have been criticised for executing paint works at the Flats in Medan Maju Jaya, without the consent of the Resident’s Association there.

Taman Medan Assemblyman, Haniza Talha said that the flats have first been registered under the Selangor Skim Ceria for paint and roof reparation works.

She said that the residents were not happy with the selection of colours used because prior to this, they had already decided on the colour that they wanted the flats to be painted in.

“It is irresponsible of Umno-BN to paint the buildings without asking for the residents’ opinions.

“They should have asked the residents first to choose the paint colour, that is the way,” said Haniza when met.

Haniz explained that Umno-BN’s attitude highlights the character of the party of not willing to listen to the views of the people.

“We will further discuss with the residents to add more paint so that it (the flats) will be more colourful and have its own identity,” she said.

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