‘Sekinchan Mascot’ Attract Local and International Tourists


SEKINCHAN, 1 FEB: The Selangor Government is committed in making Sekinchan a viable tourist hub that is able to attract local and international tourists.

The effort is being supported by an allocation of about RM85,000, through the tourism development budget, to build several icons and landmarks of attraction here.

Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment Exco, Elizabeth Wong said that she hopes that Sekinchan will become an attraction to international tourists from Singapore, Indonesia, China, Taiwan and Korea.

“There are a variety of agro-tourism activities in Sekinchan and many love the atmosphere here and the beauty of paddy fields, the sea and also fruits.

“We will continue to support the Sabak Bernam district, which already has a reputation, and we hope that the tourist spots here will continue to grow over time,” said Elizabeth when met by TV Selangor after the launch of the Sekinchan Mascot.

Sekinchan Assemblyman, Ng Suee Lim said that the launch of the Sekinchan Mascot is a new landmark for the area.

“The State Government has been giving support in terms of provisions and a variety of initiatives have been available to attract more tourists to Sekinchan.

“One of the ideas (by the State Government) was to create the Sekinchan Mascot which is a logo where visitors can take pictures with,” said Suee Lim.

He said that the progress of the tourism sector in Sekinchan will boost the economy of the area, which was formerly known for its agriculture and fishing activities.

“Many traders here have felt the impact of the rapidness (in development) of the tourism sector from the sources of income such as accommodation and the sale of food.

“And now there many village concept restaurants in Bagan Sekinchan that have been increasing and that is very inspiring.

“We are also committed in continuing to develop the tourism sector in Sekinchan which will be busier in the future,” said Suee Lim.

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