Selangor Affordable Prefabricated Homes Do Not Exceed RM100,000


SHAH ALAM, 8 FEB: Experts from within the country and overseas will be called by the State Government regarding the “Affordable Prefabricated Homes” project which will begin implementation through the 2013 Budget.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that foreign experts from the United Kingdom and Japan will be asked to give their opinions and suggestions in the best way to construct the houses.

He said that as a result of the construction, people will be able to enjoy the cheap price of not more than RM100,000.

“In Selangor, particularly in Shah Alam, the current price of land is very high. Every five years, land price at R10 per (square) foot will become RM30 per (square) foot. If land prices are high, more people want to buy it.

“So for those who cannot afford it, we will provide them with affordable housing. And as a State Government policy, any land development within 10 acres of land, must have an affordable housing project,” he said to reporters after officiating the Land Management Workshop for the years 2008-2012.

Also present were; the Director of PTGS, Datuk Kamarulzaman Jamil and Selangor’s Welfare, Women’s Affairs, Science, Technology, Innovation and Culture Exco, Rodziah Ismail.

Last November, during the State Legislative Assembly (DNS) sitting, a total of RM50 million was allocated for the construction of Affordable Homes through the Affordable Prefabricated Homes Package project which will be operated by the Selangor Housing and Property Board through the 2013 Budget.

The initiative aims to help people who are burdened by skyrocketing housing prices in the market currently.

The project is believed to balance out high prices in the trend of housing price boom as a result of market demand and supply caused by excessive profit-taking among developers.

Through this project, the State Government intends to repair the effects of market prices caused by competition in speculative activities in the real estate business.

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