Should Receive Free Water If Syabas Executed Responsibilities


SHAH ALAM, 6 FEB: Every residence in Selangor can receive free water is only the Selangor Water Supply Company (Syabas – Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor) executed its duties and completed converting all bulk metres to individual metres six years ago.

This is because according the water service prioritisation agreement in 2004, Syabas should have changed all bulk metres in residences to individual metres within two years, starting from 2004 to 2008.

The Chief Minister said that if Syabas had performed its responsibilities, no residences would be left out in the free 20 cubic metres of water scheme which was introduced in 2008.

Abdul Khalid disclosed the facts when commenting on the ongoing court case where 711 individuals filed a suit against the Selangor Government regarding the provision of free water policy.

The disclosure of the 2004 agreement is the latest evidence that Syabas, the company operating the water distribution in Selangor, failed in carrying out its duties efficiently and diligently.

The latest example is when Syabas was allegedly slow in implementing the process of changing bulk metres to individual metres in 76 apartment areas although all the flats in the area had met the criteria and were ready to switch to individual metres.

“This situation continued although we had reminded Syabas several times to speed up this process,” said Abdul Khalid.

Recently, the Shah Alam High Court rules that the suit will be heard on a date to be determined after the application to set aside the suit is dismissed.

The State Government will appeal against the decision of the Shah Alam High Court.

“The decision of the High Court does not mean victory for those who filed the suit. The Court simply decided that the case should be tried in full.

“Statements made by Umno saying that they have won this case are untrue facts,” said Abdul Khalid.

At this point, almost all apartments in Selangor have benefited from the scheme, whether or not they have changed from bulk metres to individual metres or through rebates given every month.

It, was previously reported that since September 2012, 92 low-cost apartments have benefited from the free water scheme.

Abdul Khalid said that the apartment residents need only to fill out a form to benefit from the scheme.

“We have launched the Report and Get programme in June 2010. The management (committee) of low-cost apartment need only to register with the Building Commission to be eligible for free water.”

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