Taman Tun Constituency Takes The Initiative To ‘Turun Padang’ To Introduce Tunas Scheme


PETALING JAYA SELATAN, 7 FEB: The Taman Tun constituency has taken the initiative to ‘turun padang’ (going to the ground to attend to people‚Äôs needs) to visit Kindergartens and Preschools to provide clarification and application forms for the Selangor Kindergarten Assistance Scheme (TUNAS) which is a programme under the Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor agenda.

Taman Medan Assemblyman, Haniza Talha said that the clarification is to ensure that all information related to the scheme is known at the grassroots level and the assistance can be enjoyed by the target group.

She added that the Ministry of Community Development (KEMAS) is urged to accept the efforts undertaken by the State Government, which allocated RM3 million for the Tunas Scheme.

“We have taken the initiative to personally visit the kindergartens and to get affirmation from them to be registered,” said Haniza.

She also said that the Tunas scheme will also assist single mothers who have children studying in kindergartens.

Prior to that Haniza visited the Kemas Development Office here to provide clarification regarding the scheme, where Kemas has 24 kindergartens around Petaling Jaya Selatan.


She also submitted 125 Tunas Scheme Forms to Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Medan and 25 Tunas Scheme Forms to Sekolah Kebangsaan Petaling Jaya 1.

“I saw positive response from Kemas and the Pre-Schools,” she said.

She said that efforts will continue to be endeavored to ensure that all kindergartens at the Taman Medan constituency are registered.

The Tunas scheme is an assistance of RM50 every month for kindergarten fees for children who qualify and is channelled directly to kindergartens registered with the Selangor Kindergarten Collaborative Council.

At the early stage, the qualification for the assistance was for children whose parents earned RM1,500 and below. The following stage for eligibility consideration is for parents with an income of RM2,500 and below.

The Tunas Scheme was introduced by the Selangor Government since July 2012.

The scheme is administered by:

G Floor, Bangunan Darul Ehsan,
No. 3, Jalan Indah,
Section 14,
40000 Shah Alam
Tel: 03-55103468 / 03-55103472
Fax: 03-5510 3455

Tunas Scheme website: http://www.e-tunas.org

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