Tapir Knocked Down In Puncak AlamTapir Knocked Down In Puncak Alam


SHAH ALAM, 26 FEB: A tapir died today when it was knocked down by a vehicle here at Jalan Puncak Alam. The accident is believed to have taken place this morning.

The animal known commonly to Malaysians as ‘Tenuk’ or the Malayan Tapir (also Asian Tapir) was probably crossing the road seeing that there is a forest reserve in the area.

This incident is not the first of its kind for previously, there have been several incidences of accidents involving endangered animals which are currently under protection.

Following the incident, road users are advised to be careful when passing through the area to avoid such incidents from recurring.


Most Malaysians are not aware that the tapir otherwise known as the ‘dwarf elephant’ is currently becoming more extinct in the world.

Previously, the National Zoo took initiatives to celebrate the World Tapir Day, celebrated on the 27th of April annually, as an effort to raise awareness in the community about this unique creature.

There are four tapir species in the world and the ‘Malayan Tapir’ which is only found in Asia is the largest species in the world.

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