All Races Benefit From Teluk Datuk Assemblyman’s Alocation


KUALA LANGAT, 3 Mar: Malay, Chinese and Indian residents here from Teluk Datuk enjoyed an allocation of RM500 thousand per year which has been fairly and equally distributed by their assemblyman during the five years of his service.

Teluk Adun assemblyman, Philip Tan Choon Swee said that each year, he sends RM100 thousand on each of the communities in his area. The expenditure involves a home improvement project and contributions to Chinese and Indian houses of worship.

Meanwhile RM200 thousand was spent in activities involving all races such as contributions to PTSa and buying students’ stationary. This amount was also used to improve public infrastructure such as roads and drains.

Philip explained this as a response to the former Teluk Datuk Indian Community Leader, John Parmasivam Veerasamy who accused him of not using the assemblymen provisions for the Indian community in his area.

“I have ‘figures’ showing what considers me to be ‘racist’.

“Apart from me taking care of the Chinese community, I also take care of the Malay and Indian communities, I am not just saying this,” he stressed in a press conference at his office today.


According to Philip, the RM100 thousand provisions from last year were used to restore 20 houses and suraus in four Malay traditional villages.

“More than 20 homes have been completed and for seven more, I have given them the materials and they are carrying out works themselves,” he added.

While the majority of the RM100 thousand for the Indian and Chinese communities have been given as contribution for houses of worship and celebrations for these groups.

Recently, John Paramasivam together with Kumarayah Ponnayah dan Saravanan Kaliannan held a press conference on 27 February and accused Philip of not taking care of the Indian and Malay communities and only prioritised the Chinese community.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Indian Community in Teluk Datuk, Muniandy Manirasu said that Philip is always attentive towards the people in his area and denied allegations that the Indian community in the area were discriminated against.

“YB has spent hundreds of thousands over the past five years on the Indian community and the allegations made by John Paramasivam are very unfounded,” he said when met.

Council Member for Zone 19 of the Kuala Langat District Council, Yap Lai Keng said that Philip is a responsible assemblyman because he always participates in all programmes that he organises.

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