Anwar: Guarantees Peaceful Power Transition After GE-13


RAWANG, 23 Mar: The power transition will take place peacefully and smoothly after the result of the 13th General Elections (GE-13) is in favour of Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

PKR De Facto Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim stressed that this matter is backed on the vote of confidence given by the four former top leaders of the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) and two top leaders of the police who have joined PR.


“The responsibility of these former generals and senior members of the police is to ensure that Pakatan Rakyat wins in this GE-13 and the transition of power happens peacefully, Allah willing.

“The responsibility of you, my brothers and sisters, is to defend victory in Selangor and I thank you for giving us victory in the GE-12 and now we have to win again, especially in this constituency of Kuang,” said Anwar.

He said this during the People’s Freedom Tour held at Bandar Tasik Puteri here.

Anwar also announced in the talk that the Selayang MP, William Leong will be defending the seat he won in the GE-12.

Previously in the GE-12, William defeated the candidate from MCA-BN, Lee Li Yew by obtaining 30,701 votes against his opponent who received 27,134 votes.

“Thus, PKR leaders have informed Pakatan Rakyat leaders that we ask you, my brothers and sisters, to support William Leong so he can remain the Member of Parliament for Selayang,” said Anwar.


Anwar stressed that now; the country’s opposition is between the people and ‘towkays’ (bosses) that consists of the capitalist group.

“Yesterday, Najib’s brother, Nazri, asked for the people to support his brother’s government, so now, we (the people) have to fight against the ‘bank’, and gambling and liquor ‘towkays’ like those owned by Mahathir’s family.

“This means that we need strength and we have to be ready because they (Umno-BN) could do anything,” said Anwar.

He also criticised the alleged defamation designed to discredit him with the distribution of indecent photographs in the latest attack to discredit him.

He said that the people should give a chance to Pakatan Rakyat to make a total change in the GE-13 sue to political depravity brought on by Umno-BN over the years.


“We are confident, Insha Allah, to win and conquer Putrajaya, because we want to win with the love and confidence of the people, and to foster the dignity of the people, and this is what we will do.

“Even the prayer from Dr Yusof Al-Qaradawi also prays for Pakatan Rakyat’s victory, this is the question of public awareness for independence, justice, we want their rights and the people’s rights to arise, that is why we call this an awakening of the people,” Anwar said.

In the programme, about 5,000 people were present including Selayang MP, William Leong, Ampang MP, Zuraidah Kamaruddin and Central AMK Chief, Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin, as well as artist Man Kadir or bettter known as Pak Jabit who starred in the film, ‘Hantu Mak Limah’ (Mak Limah’s Ghost).

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