Anwar: Umno-BN Continues To Shackle Student Idealism


SHAH ALAM, 18 Mar: PKR De Facto Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim stated that the philosophy of idealism in educational institutions which has been blocked all this while by the Umno-BN Government has to be changed to ensure that the younger generation is always mature in their thinking in making decisions.

According to him, the incident that has befallen the student of Law at Universiti Utara Malaysia, KS Bawani, is proof that there are still students who do not realise the importance of philosophical idealism.

“I watched the ‘listen, listen, listen’ video clip and I felt sad, because how can the youth or students be completely lost of their idealism,” he said in a Youth Dialogue session organised by the Anwar Ibrahim Club (AIC) at Bandar Utama recently.

Through the footage posted on Youtube, there were those among the students who laughed and applauded when Bawani was restrained and humiliated by the 1Malaysia Women’s Voice President, Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Miskin from giving an opinion of free education at a forum organised by the said university.

In addition, Anwar felt that the thinking ability and sharpness of students are also affected by lecturers at institutes of higher learning in this country.

“There are some professors who are good and whom I know of and they are certainly qualified to be called professor, there are some who are highly committed and I truly respect them.

“But I also know of some ‘kankung’ (water convulvulus – in reference to lacking a backbone) professors, whose work is to enter the faculty, boot-lick, block, intimidate and stand for the view of anti intellectualism, anti academic freedom and this will blunt the sharpness and the ability of students,” he said in front of 200 participants.

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