Bob Lokman: Artists Should Use Credibility To Bring In Votes


SHAH ALAM, 27 Mar: Like ordinary people, artists also have the right to declare the political party the support and should use their credibility as well-known celebrities to garner votes for any political party.

According to independent preacher, Bob Lokman, real name Hakim Lokman, these people are seen to have the ability to attract public support for any party.

He personally has appeared as the last speaker in political programmes in order to maintain the public’s attraction for programmes conducted.

“They should enter (into politics) as an artist, there is no need to show smartness in terms of politics,” he said in the Wancana Sinar discourse on ‘Artists Entering Politics: Credibility or Garnering Votes’ this afternoon.

Film director, Datuk Shuhaimi Baba also stressed that the public should not badly perceive any artists who declares their support for any political party.

“We should respect our stance and because we also have the right to state our stand in supporting any political party and I personally admit that I support BN,” he said in the forum.

Shuhaimi also said that it is not wrong for any artist to charge for their appearance on stage for any political party because artists are also like ordinary people who need money to make a living and to support other commitments.

Meanwhile, the popular artist that plays the character of Lieutenant Adnan, Hairie Othman rejected allegations that some artists support Pakatan Rakyat (PR) merely to earn their living.

“Pakatan Rakyat does not have large funding like Umno-BN who can afford to pay the Korean singer, Psy, an amount of RM2 million.

“I admit that in PR, there are some programmes that provide payment, but not so much as to accommodate all needs and there are some that do not provide any payment. I personally have to do other jobs.

“Artists in PR, do not wish to wish to eat a crater full of rice, but (payment) is sufficient for a plate of rice each,” said Hairie.

President of the Association of Artists, Zed Zaidi said that on his part, he is ready to help any artists that are victims of being ‘stuck’ to any television station or other parties rendering them to not be offered to act or sing.

According to him, such artists should come forward to the association and bring proof of their suspension.

The 18th Wacana Sinar discourse held at the Karangkraf Auditorium just now was run by the moderator from the Theatre Film and Animation Faculty Dean, Professor A. Razak Mohaideen who is also a famous film director.

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