Court Dismissed Case Of Suspicious Voters In Klang


SHAH ALAM, 14 Mar: Today, the Shah Alam High Court rejected an appeal to review the electoral rolls although being provided evidence that the list will be used in the upcoming elections, is laden with doubt.

The appeal was submitted by the Klang Member of Parliament, Charles Santiago who wants the court to issue an order for the Election Commission (EC) to clean the electoral rolls.

The appeal is related to the almost five thousand names of dubious voters in his parliamentary constituency.

Judge Vernon Ong dismissed the appeal because according to Section 9A of the Electoral Act, it states that the electoral roll has to be deemed final after it is enacted.

According to Charles, he found that almost three thousand names of voters in Klang have been dropped or are missing from the database of the Election Commission (EC).

Meanwhile, over two thousand names of voters have been transferred out of the Klang area.

“More than two thousand names have been transferred out of Klang, one thousand in Selangor and another thousand from outside Selangor,” he told TV Selangor.

Charles also said that he found evidence that there are names of voters under the EC register where the individuals have never registered as voters because they are living abroad.

Charles’ Attorney, John Fam claims that he received a letter from an individual named Pamela Mannan, who has been living for 16 years in Dublin, Ireland.

“Pamela was informed by her uncle in Malaysia that she had received a letter from the Prime Minister, congratulating her and informing her (Pamela) that she had been listed as a voter.”

According to John, Pamela told her uncle that she has never returned to Malaysia to register as a voter.

There is another case, where a resident in Pandamaran, Klang, was surprised to find that there are 62 names of voters that her house is registered to.

The individual had written to John saying that no permission was given to anyone to use the address as a mailing address.

John said that from his findings, it was found that there are more than 60 Malay, Indian and Chinese names which are registered as a voter at the address.

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