Faekah: Suit Against State Government Politically Motivated


KLANG, 29 Mar: The suits by Umno leaders, who supposedly want to help single mothers and senior citizens, against the State Government is politically motivated in order to create a negative perspective about the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Government.

Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, Faekah Hussin said that lawyers of Umno leaders have also used tricks to collect signatures for the suit by promising money to those who provide signatures.

Faekah said that the purpose of this action is only for Umno-BN to win in the election and to snatch Selangor, but not to win a case in court.

“When we appealed to cancel the case, the court rejected and wanted to hear the case on trial.(Datuk Seri) Noh Omar tweeted, me 1 -0 Faekah (single mother case), I was patient.We tried to cancel the senior citizen case, the court also rejected it.

“Noh Omar tweeted again, me 2 – 0 Faekah. I replied to the Datuk Seri’s lawyer, we have yet to compete; there has been no trial yet. He replied that politically, he had won.

“Which means their goal is incitement and propaganda,” he said at a PR talk titled ‘Women’s Voice, The Voice Of Change’ at Kampung Naga here last night.

Faekah added that according to information received, the case will be closed after the election is over.

The nature of how the collected signatures from single mothers and senior citizens was also carried out through trickery by Umno appointed lawyers, she stressed.

These efforts are an attempt to link the State Government by promising financial support to those who signed the forms distributed throughout Selangor.

Whereas, she said, the signatures collected are intended to sue the State Government.

“He wants to compete at Kota Anggerik, that is what he is showing, that he is more Umno than Umno. That is why he has gathered all the women.

“From information received, at homes in Puchong, he wrote asking if any single mother wants RM1,000 from the State Government and for them to write down their names and their signatures,” she said.

Recently, Selangor Exco, Elizabeth Wong revealed that forms have been distributed to senior citizens promising that the Selangor Government will provide an allowance if they provide their signatures.

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