Felda folk have change of heart: 15 – 30 “FELDA seats” for PR

SHAH ALAM, 2 MAR – The FELDA Settlers’ Children Association (ANAK) believe that Felda settlers and their children will create a change in the in the GE-13.

Their claim stems from their overwhelming support that also serves to boost PR to win between 15 to 30 parliamentary seats at Felda areas.

This is a huge leap from the four seats it won along with a Felda scheme in Kedah during the previous elections.

ANAK Chairman, Mazlan Aliman admits that in previous years, 54 parliamentary seats with a Felda scheme were once considered BN’s ‘fixed deposit’.

“However, with the leap in support by the younger generation, I believe that this is a crucial time for Umno-BN,” said the PAS Committee member to TvSelangor.

Mazlan remarked that the shift in support to PR occurred because the settlers had become aware of too many mismanagement issues under Umno-BN.

The information had somehow permeated through the strict restrictions placed on ANAK activists and PR members and made it to the settlers.

“Restrictions do not mean that we cannot continue (to pass information). However, we must continue to pass on the message.”

“We approach the people with alternative media and maximum movement in the underground media. Most of it is already accessible,” he explained.

Initially, ANAK had been faced with restrictions and provocations by irresponsible parties to stop Felda settlers from receiving information regarding Felda and the position of Felda Global Ventures (FGV) stocks.

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