JKKK Chairman Denies Parit Baru Public Hall Not Maintained


SHAH ALAM, 7 Mar: Claims that the public hall in Parit Baru, Sabak Bernam has been left without maintenance and cannot be used anymore is untrue.

According to the Chairman of the Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) of Parit Baru, Mohd Nor Arijin, the part of the building which is called the ‘hall’ in question is the kitchen and is no longer used now because it is in a state of dilapidation.

He explained that the original hall of the building is in good condition and is still used by the locals for community activities.

“We have started to tidy up the hall and we have been holding ‘gotong-royong’ since June 2012. The last we held a ‘gotong-royong’ was on 16 January.

“Those that say that the hall is idle and is not maintained is a lie. We have cleaned up the kitchen, we have thrown away the old rubber mat.

“With the provisions we received, the door, windows and some damage to the original building will be repaired, including the purchase of 50 new benches,” he said when contacted by TV Selangor.

According to him, the Sabak Bernam District Office approved the allocation of RM10,000 to refurbish the community hall building.

With this small provision, JKKK cannot afford to refurbish the kitchen.

Mohd Nor added again that the statement saying that the community hall was no longer in use due to the absence of a key is another form of falsehood because the Parit Baru Wanita Umno Chief also has the keys to the hall in question.

He added that Wanita Umno also uses the hall for religious studies activities.

Reports from Sinar Harian today also quoted the Parit Baru JKKK Chairman, Musanid Mationo who said that the community hall was not maintained properly and that parents of the Kemas preschool had to clean and clear the grass in the surrounding area.

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