Landslide: MPSJ Recons Residents Can Return Home This Weekend


PUCHONG, 28 Mar: Residents of Block B, Seri Beringin Apartments in Puchong is expected to be allowed to return home this weekend if the landslide is confirmed to be safe.

This is because the school session which will be resumed next week and this would make it easier for parents to prepare their children’s school equipment.


This was informed by the Deputy President of Subang Jaya Municipal COuncil (MPSJ), Abdullah Marjunid in a press conference today.

According to him, the landslide happened in the evening of March 26 due to damage and leakage of sewage pipes and plumbing.

“Investigations have revealed that among the contributing factors that caused the landslide is damages and leakage of sewage pipes, clean water pipes and the rain water down pipe (RWDP) which are not in perfect condition.

“It should be managed and maintained by the apartment management (JMB),” he said.

Following the incident, MPSJ has contracted Indah Water Konsortium (IQK) to carry out reparations on the pipes while site investigation to assess the structural stability of the building and the site will be done by the Public Works Institute of Malaysia (IKRAM).

In this incident, 228 residents were evacuated, involving residents of 52 housing units from Block B and 15 housing units at Kampung Pasir.

They are now housed temporarily at the Puchong MPSJ Multipurpose Hall and some are staying at their relatives houses.


Although the landslide only occurred on the hillside, prompt action from MPSJ, the police and the Department of Civil Defence (JPAM) managed to move them safely without any unwanted incidents.

At the joint press conference, Serdang District Police Chief, ACP Abdul Razak Elias explained that this is a pre-emptive action and 20 security personnel, including JPAM, was in place to ensure the safety of property.

Abdul Razak said that the police have set up a special tent to facilitate the registration for occupants’ entry and exit for record keeping purposes when they come to pick up their necessities.

This is to avoid any trespassing by those trying to take advantage of this situation.

He also praised the resident’s unity in deciding to vacate their homes and to follow instructions to evacuate.

“I find that the people here are united. They are concerned about their safety. This is not a disaster, just prevention. If such things actually occur, they can be saved,” he said.

For resident, Mohd Had Mohd Sharif, this is his first experience in dealing with landslides after living here for the past 12 years.

“It that is the case (allowed to return home) Alhamdulillah because the school session will begin next week, if we cannot go home, it will be a problem,” he said.

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