MB: Opposes Agendas That Fool The People


SHAH ALAM, 10 MAR: The people of this country need to be developed so that they possess a high level of intelligence and are sharp intellectually.

Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that this quality is important in creating a society that is able to contribute ideas and formulas to solve chronic problems faced by the community and the nation.

“We reject duping the people by promoting brilliance and intelligence for the people,” said Abdul Khalid.

He said that some of the ruling elite are not happy with the increased awareness and community intelligence which is seen as a threat to their power.

“So this duping project is proceeding in the midst of the people starting with the ‘stock’ thinking in schools and universities, and will continue right up till the office and public spaces.

“With this ‘stupidity’ the moment of the collapse of a civilisation will become something which cannot be avoided,” said Abdul Khalid.


He said this during the Opening Ceremony of the People’s Intelligence Convention and the Launch of the Citizenship and Democracy Education Academy which was held at the Youth and Culture Complex here at Section 7.

Abdul Khalid said that the effort to create the Education and Democracy Academy should be applauded because it aims to develop the community in terms of awareness and thought which has yet to be carried out seriously and holistically.

“Many have established ‘think tanks’ which are politically motivated where it is only to meet narrow political interests and to only defend their power.

“Therefore, the presence of this academy is very important, especially when we face increasing challenges from within and from outside.

“It is also hoped to help realign significant deviations which occur in our democratic practises,” said Abdul Khalid.

The academy was created with the goal of mobilising the agenda of citizenship education and community democracy based on Islamic teachings derived from the Malay civilisation and culture of various ethnic groups in this country.

It serves as a centre for research, education and training in the field to provide an understanding of the meaning of democracy, the election mechanism and to discuss political issues, shariyyah issues and citizenship.

Also present at the function was the President of Wadah Pencerdasan Umat Malaysia (WADAH), Datuk Dr Siddiq Fadhil and the President of the Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM), Amidi Abd Manan.

About 2,000 people attended the programme which was themed ‘Leading the People’s Awareness In Upholding Humanity Karomah’.

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