More Than 10,000 Land Ownership Problems Successfully Resolved By Selangor PR Government


TANJONG KARANG, 12 Mar: More than 10,000 problems in relation to land ownership have been successfully settled by the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Government since five years ago.

Selangor Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that the application for land ownership has also increased due to the improvements in the application system which is now more efficient by using a computer system.

Now, he said, it is fully understood how the system works.

He said this in a press conference after the Kampung Seri Tiram Jaya Submission of Land Ownership Ceremony in Tanjong Karang, which was held here at the Seri Tiram Jaya Hall.

During the event, 188 ownership grants were given to 139 residents of Kampung Seri Tiram Jaya, which in total covers an area of 204 acres of land.

“The people of Kampung Seri Tiram Jaya has been reminded to keep the ownership of the property well for the future of their family by not selling it without proper planning,” said Abdul Khalid.


Also present at the event was the Bukit Melawati Assemblyman, Ir Muthiah Pillay and the President of the Kuala Selangor District Council, Noraini Roslan.

According to the Kampung Seri Tiram Jaya JKKK (Village Association) Chief, Mohamad Feroji Kemat, he said that the residents expressed gratitude in granting the land ownership which the residents settled since the 1970s.

He said that the granting of this ownership proves that State Government’s ability to solve ongoing problems as a result of their efforts to appreciate the sacrifices of the settlers who opened the area.

“We feel proud of perseverance of the administrative officers who were attentive to the land problems where efforts of less than five years have finally resulted in the resident owning the title to their own land.

“If it wasn’t for the determination of these officers, the grant would not be ready,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Permatang constituency Coordinator, Yahya Sahri said that the resolve of the land ownership problem proves that the State Government is earnest in giving priority to the people’s welfare rights.

He said that the capabilities of the Kuala Selangor Land and District Office to accelerate the process of solving this land problem is because there is no political interference that eased the matter from being resolved quickly.

“Granting this ownership was given to those who were entitled without any political interest where they settled it previously, this shows the State Government’s transparency and sincerity in giving ownership of the land.

“We choose this date, 12 March, as the anniversary of Abdul Khalid Ibrahim being sworn in as Chief Minister five years ago, indicating that this is a reformist government which implemented changes in its administration,” said Yahya.

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