Not Targeted At One Ethnic Group, Pakatan Manifesto For All


KUALA LUMPUR, 5 Mar: The Pakatan Rakyat (PR) election manifesto is a translation of the coalition’s principle to help all Malaysians who need assistance, without focusing on a particular ethnic group.

This demonstrates PR’s commitment to defend the well-being of all Malaysians without leaving out any groups or ethnic groups including the Indian community and people with disabilities (PWD).

According to Opposition Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the manifesto which was launched on 25 February ceary proves PR’s seriousness in assisting all, regardless of ethnic backgrounds.

“In our manifesto, we did not mention Dayaks, Malays or so on because be mentioned the people, because this is the people’s manifesto,” said Anwar.

He was responding to criticism from several Pakatan members themselves who recently want the manifesto to contain special sections for people of their ethnicity.

“When we talk about schools, we do not mention Tamil or Chinese vernacular schools (SJK) but we mention all schools, this means that it includes SJK Tamil and Chinese schools.

“Similarly for free education, although we did not mention PWDs specifically, this group will also be receiving free education,” he said yesterday after the close of the Malaysian 13th General Election International Conference this evening.

The manifesto which was launched in Shah Alam on 25 February focuses on four main pillars; Fraternity of the People, the People’s Economy, the People’s Well-being and the People’s Government.

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