PKR Claims BL1M Still Is Fraudulent


PETALING JAYA, 11 MAR: PKR will not be issuing an apology or withdraw the statement in relation to the allegations that there are elements of fraud in the 1Malaysia Licence Assistance (BL1M) programme.

Teja Assemblyman, Chang Lih Kang said that this stance is clear and they are ready to face any legal action which might be potentially imposed upon them.

“We want to say to MYEG and Umno Youth that we will not withdraw the statement and issue an apology.

“We are fully responsible for the statement which we released last week in a press conference,” he said in a press conference at the PKR headquarters.

Last week, Chang together with the PKR Srikandi Chief, Siti Aishah Shaik Ismail, claimed that the BL1M is a scam inspired by the Umno-BN Youth to be used as a space to profit and suppress operators of driving institutes.

According to Chang’s previous statement, through the scheme, the driving test fee is reduced from RM261 to RM199, but the government did not release any funds.

Instead the reduction of RM62 has to be shouldered by the driving institute themselves.

Meanwhile, today Siti Aishah informed that 167 driving institutes under the Malaysian Driving Institute Association (Pima) and Umno Youth has to answer what is the fate of applicants should all driving institutes decide to not participate in this programme.

“Pima was also informed that the Umno Youth and MYEG will open tenders to all driving institutes interested and provide the lowest price for B2 licenses.

“This clearly proves that the price which was offered to driving institutes previously of only RM100 for each candidate.

“With a price that is too low, Pima is concerned and takes this matter very seriously because driving institutes can be affected in terms of service quality and to comply with the SOP (Standard of Procedure) set by the Road Transport Department (JPJ),” she said.

She added that those responsible should detail each payment and the name of the driving institute participating in this programme.

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