Polices’ Widows Overwhelmed By Visit From Exco


IPOH, 15 Mar: The wives of two police commandos (VAT 69), Inspector Zulkifli Mamat and Sergeant Sabaruddin Daud, who died in battle at Kampung Tanduo, Lahad Datu, Sabah, received donations of RM20,000 each.

The contribution was presented by the Selangor State Government which was represented by Executive Councillor of Welfare, Women’s Affairs, Science, Technology , Innovation and Culture, Rodziah Ismail at the residence of Zulkifli’s widow in Bandar Baru Putra, Ipoh.


Noraziah Mohd Noor, 29, the wife of Zulkifli when met said that she was grateful for the assistance given.

“I thank the Selangor State Government. With the availability of this contribution, it can help lighten the burden of our children and their future as well as the families of those who had died,” she told reporters.

She said, emotionally, that although the feeling of sadness is present, she has now calmed down with the passing of her husband.

“When the deceased (husband) wanted to leave us to go to Sabah, he was so cheerful that I called him to ask him when he was coming home because I was having severe allergies, seeing that I am three months pregnant.


“However, he said that he was going to bring back a big trust, (and) he hoped that I was not hurt. He also asked me to take care of the children well,” said the widow who has two children.

Meanwhile, the widow of Sabaruddin, Nurul Nisa Abu Bakar, 42, was surprised and did not expect the Selangor State Government to be concerned about her family.

“(I am) very happy. I never thought that YB was willing to come from far to visit. Thank you YB. This assistance can lighten our burdens,” he said.

Sabaruddin who joined the team since 25 years ago left three children aged 19, 15 and 12.

“My late husband was passionate, it was his ambition since he was young. Although I am sad, I am proud that he died as a hero to the country,” she said.

The two widows also sent their regards to the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

When Rodziah presented the contributions, she also read a message from the Chief Minister as a sign of condolence to both the families.

Speaking to reporters, Rodziah hopes that the two widows will be strong in carrying on with their lives.

I also hope that the families of those killed will be given continuous contributions.We hope that it is not only provided during this time,” she said.

The donation is a provision from the Selangor People’s Heroes Fund worth RM10 million which was announced by the Chief Minister recently.

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