Selangor Spends RM80 Million On Bereavement Donations


BESTARI JAYA, 24 Mar: The State Government has spent more than RM80 million to help about 37,000 recipients of the Senior Citizen Scheme (SMUE – Skim Mesra Usia Emas) for the bereavement contributions for the citizens of Selangor throughout its administration so far.


Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that it is evident that everything planned by the State Government under the ‘Localising the Selangor Economy’ (MES- Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor) agenda has brought about many benefits for the people.

What is evident is that although various welfare programs have been carried out, the State Government has yet to face any financial difficulties.

“Although we have spent (on these programmes), it has not affected the State Government, in fact savings have increased by four times.

“This proves that the contribution made does not affect state finances if we are careful.

“Every year, we allocate RM26 million for this contribution,” he explained in the Bereavement Assistance Presentation for SMUE at the Bestari Jaya JKKK Hall here.


The bereavement assistance was introduced by the State Government by giving a sum of RM2,500 to the beneficiaries of the deceased where an assistance of RM1,000 is advanced and the remainder will be handed to them later.

At the event, 22 beneficiaries received the contribution from the Chief Minister.

A recipient, Rasli Rusmin, 52 from Bukit Badong said that the contribution was good and it should be continued by the State Government in the years to come.


“This can ease the burden of families who have lost their family members,” said Rasli whose father, Rusmin Sidek, 75, died at the end of last year.

V Parameswar, 48, from Kundang who lost his father, S Raju 86, also stated that the State Government has proved their attentiveness towards the peoples’ problems, especially to the less fortunate.

“I am thankful for this assistance and it is an appropriate action to safeguard the interest of the people,” he said.

“I am grateful because in the past, this kind of assistance did not exist. If possible, after this many more assistance (programmes) should be designed for the benefit of all,” said Leong Wang Ping, 44, from Taman Muhibbah who lost his father, Leong Kong You, 68, last year.

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