Investment Cancellation: Isa Should Show Proof, Not Speak Without Facts


SHAH ALAM, 24 Mar: Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim has challenged Batang Kali Assemblyman, Datuk Isa Abu Kassim to accurately state the industry and the name of the company that cancelled their investments due to the bureaucracy of the State Government and about the water supply problems in the state.

According to Abdul Khalid, so far there have only been one project in the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council that i still pending to receive certification from Syabas on grounds of insufficient water concerns if the project is carried out.

Meanwhile all other Local Authorities (PBT) have confirmed that there are no other development projects, either industrial or residential, that have been rejected or delayed due to water shortages.

Isa should act more professionally, responsibly and to not speak without clear facts in issuing a charge against the State Government.

“Isa’s claim clearly aims to discredit the State Government and all civil servants of the state who have been working hard to ensure Selangor remains as the number one investment destination.

“I actually do not expect Isa to play a role in helping to attract investors to Selangor.

“However, as a society leader of the state, I did not think that Isa was willing to tarnish the reputation of Selangor for the sake of intimidating investors to invest in this state,” said Abdul Khalid in a media statement.

According to Abdul Khalid, statistics released by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) for 2012 showed that Selangor recorded the highest number of projects, with 252 projects or 31 percent from the total number of approved projects in Malaysia.

The projects consists of 156 new projects with a total investment of RM 8,144,722,179 and 96 expansion and other projects with an investment value of RM 3,590,095,756.

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