Tamil Schools: Now Receive RM2.66 Million Contribution, Hard To Obtain During BN Era


SHAH ALAM, 18 Mar: The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of Tamil National-Type Schools (SJKT) in Selangor were overwhelmed by the attentiveness towards Tamil schools throughout Selangor.

According to the PTA representatives, the previous Umno-BN State Government either has never or rarely provided assistance to their schools.

The situation is different with the current Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Government that offers assistance every year since administering the state.

Under the policy to assist the people’s school, the Selangor Government has allocated RM4 million every year for Tamil schools.


“Previously, assistance was not given, now, every year we receive assistance and we can use it for the comfort of students and teachers, such as adding better facilities,” said the SJKT Sungai Sedu PTA President, R. Gunasegaran.

“This shows the attentiveness of the State Government, I am very grateful to the State Government, especially to Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim,” said Gunasegaran.

SJKT Sungai Sedu received a donation of RM40,000 by the State Government which was presented by Abdul Khalid at the Presentation Ceremony for Assistance to Tamil Schools in Selangor last night.

Meanwhile, PTA Committee Member of SJKT Jugra, Kuala Langat, Vasu Muniandy said that prior to 2008, SJKT schools in Selangor were given little attention by the State Government.

“Previously, it was difficult to obtain assistance from the State Government, we had to apply many times before receiving it. Even that was very little, less than RM10 thousand, but now, every year we receive assistance and it is also a big amount.

“With contributions of RM85,000, we can now use it to build a computer lab for better learning for students and teachers,” said Vasu.


Meanwhile, the PTA President of SKJT Sungai Renggam, Chandra Segaran, thanked the State Government and also said that the contribution is very meaningful to students, parents and teachers of SJKT Sungai Renggam.

“The condition of our school under the current government has changed dramatically and this shows the attentiveness of the current State Government.

“Unlike previously. Our deepest thanks to the State Government,” said Chandra after receiving contributions of RM50,000 on behalf of his school.

During the event, 84 schools throughout Selangor received contributions from the State Government with a total value of RM2,665,000.

The schools also received a total contribution varying from RM10,000 to RM85,000 according to the needs of their schools.


The ceremony which was attended by more than 500 people was also attended by State Government Excos, Dr Halimah Ali, Dr Xavier Kumar, Dr Yaakob Sapari and Ronnie Liu.

In addition, several Members of Parliament and Pakatan Rakyat Assemblymen also were seen at the ceremony which was graced by Indian cultural dances.

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