Tian Chua Will Take Legal Action


SHAH ALAM, 11 MAR: PKR Vice-President, Tian Chua today issued a statement that he will take legal action against blogger Papagomo who has been continuously accusing him of insulting the Security Forces who are currently carrying out duties in Sabah.

The wild allegations by the pro-BN blogger is now not only tarnishing his reputation but also his own safety, which is being threatened.

“Allegations of insulting the Security Force is a slander and consists of sheer lies.

“To clarify once again, I have never insulted the Security Forces and their duties, I have decided to take legal action,” stressed the Batu Member of Parliament.

Several days ago, Tian Chua urged for efforts to distort his statement to be stopped immediately, and he has asked all partied to focus on national security issues in Lahad Datu.

The call was made following attacks received by Tian Chua, especially from Umno-BN leaders and pro-BN bloggers regarding a statement issued by him allegedly belittling the security personnel who were killed.

Tian’s statement previously which is published on the Keadilan Daily mentioned that he claimed that there may be hidden agendas (theatrics) by Umno following the invasion by the Sulu Sultan in Sabah since mid-February.

The situation was complicated further when bloggers such as Papagomo spread lies claiming that Tian Chua described the sacrifices of the security personnel as ‘Komando Mati Katak’ or that the Commando died in vain.

“Bloggers such as Papagomo should take heed of this legal action and stop publishing defamatory articles without basis or evidence,” he added.

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