Tony Pua: RM9.65 Billion Offer To Acquire Water Is Reasonable


SEPANG, 1 Mar: The offer submitted by the Selangor State Government for the acquisition of four water concessionaires amounting to RM9.65 billion is a reasonable and appropriate offer.

Therefore, it is hoped that the water concessionaires will accept the offer in the interest of the people, to receive the best quality water service at an affordable tariff.

Petaling Jaya Utara Member of Parliament, Tony Pua said that according to the concession agreement, the Selangor Government need only to pay RM6 billion for the acquisition of the water management.

“However, the Selangor Government offered nearly RM10 billion so that it would be easy for the parties involved, Syabas (Selangor Water Supply Company) and other companies, to release their concession to the State Government.


“But they still do not want to sell it (water management) even though the State Government offered more. Why do they not want to sell it?” said Tony.

He said this during his ‘ceramah’ (speech) at the Water Issues Forum which was held here at the Taman Putra Perdana Public Hall.

About 150 residents were present in the session which was also attended by Selangor Exco, Teresa Kok.


Tony explained that although the companies Splash and Abass agree with the offer, however Syabas is still hedging to get a higher offer for the acquisition.

He claimed that this is because Syabas has a high rate of debt which they have to settle.

“Therefore, we object when utilities such as water, is privatised to someone because it is more powerful than the government or the people.

“So the best solution is in the upcoming elections, the easiest way to resolve the water issue in Selangor is not only for Pakatan Rakyat to retain as the Selangor Government but we hope that there will be a new government at the federal level.

“Water is sufficient in Selangor and if we manage to reduce the loss of treated water, even more water can be used in Selangor,” said Tony.

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