Unisel Students To Receive Broadband Facilities


SHAH ALAM, 8 Mar: About 6,000 students of Selangor University (Unisel) will receive Broadband facilities for free in the near future.

Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dr Anuar Ahmad said that this is an initiative to provide comfort to students of Unisel who have been complaining about the difficulty of surfing the Internet at off-campus accommodations.

“We will provide students with Broadband facilities which they can access from their personal computers without any charge.

“We will provide it to all 6,000 students and with this, the problem of Internet facilities will be resolved as they had already paid for this facility previously,” said Prof Dr Anuar.

He said this when met at a press conference here at his office.

Meanwhile, Prof Dr Anuar explained that Unisel is now waiting for an analysis report on the sediment at its dormitory from consultants for further action in the near future.

“The evaluation process has begun and now we are waiting for the results from the consultant if it shows a need for the hostel building to be repaired.

“The process from now will take between five to six months to complete.

“After that, they will propose how the reparation process will be carried out and if the cost is appropriate, it will be implemented, according to the recommendations they provide.

He said that the entire repair process will take a year and a half if the sediment incident is serious.

“If it is not serious, the reparation process will take about six months,” he said.

Prof Dr Anuar explained that the students are currently housed off-campus and are satisfied with the accommodation and transportation facilities, as well as security services provided by Unisel.

“There are no grievance by students of transportation problems,” he said.

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