58 Percent in A Survey Accept Khalid Ibrahim As Klang Assemblyman


KLANG, 12 Apr: A survey conducted by Selangorkini in Port Klang found that more than half of the voters met in the constituency are ready to accept Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khali Ibrahim, if he contests there.

The small-scale survey found that as many as 14 out of 24 voters who were met, or 58.3 percent, are willing to accept Abdul Khalid as their assemblyman.

Meanwhile, of the 24 individuals, only six rejected the proposal (25 percent) and four answered “not sure” (16.66 percent).

The survey was conducted to study the residents sentiment on the suggestion of Abdul Khalid moving from the Ijok constituency, the position he currently holds, and to contest for the Port Klang constituency seat.

The proposal is highly talked about in media speculations recently about PKR candidates seats in Selangor for the 13th General Elections on 5 May.


1. Are you satisfied with the Chief Minister’s administration throughout these five years?

2. Do you or do you not support Khalid Ibrahim in becoming your assemblyman?

3. What is the first problem in the Port Klang constituency that the new assemblyman has to resolve?

Meanwhile, the other half (12) of those surveyed said that they are satisfied with Abdul Khalid’s administration as Chief Minister.

For of them answered “not satisfied”, while eight responded “not sure” to the question.

The small-scale survey was carried out at random and involved 24 respondents from two locations, at public markets around Port Klang and Pangsapuri Kem.

When asked what is the main problem that should be addressed by their new Assemblyman, on average, the voters at Pangsapuri Taman Kem said that the issue of the damaged roof of Block B is a problem that should be given priority.

Other issues that concern the voters include the high population of migrant workers in Port Klang and several damaged roads in their area.

According to some respondents, the area around the Cathay cinema is an area that if often the focus of illegal immigrants from Vietnam, Myanmar and Nepal, causing fear to the local residents.

The respondents also expressed concerns on illegal gambling machine centres in their area.

Meanwhile, three other respondents were of the opinion that the State Government should increase the development of affordable housing while another respondent hopes that the State Government will increase development in the area.

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