Abdul Khalid: Port Klang Would Have Been Developed if Managed Well


KLANG, 21 Apr: Port Klang can be the driver of the state’s economy is managed properly.

Pakatan Rakyat candidate for the Port Klang State Legislative Assembly (DUN), Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that because every year the investment gains earned from the area reached RM30 to RM40 billion a year.

He said that from the amount, five to 10 percent should have been used to upgrade the area.

“The Central Government neglected Port Klang, which contributes RM30 billion annually to Malaysia, and it should be invested back.

“But because the thought to not change to develop or upgrade the area, it has become like this,” he said in his speech for the Klang Parliament Ceramah Perdana (Prime Talks) here at the DAP Operations Centre.


He added that the profit derived from investment received in the area should be able to develop the surrounding area so that it is equipped with a good network of roads, among others.

Abdul Khalid first took the opportunity to officiate the Main Operations Room for the Port Klang DUN, based at Kota Pendamaran.

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