Abdul Khalid: PR Targets 45 Seats for the Selangor State Legislative Assembly


KLANG, 12 Apr: Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said Selangor Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) is able to reach their target of winning up to 45 State Legislative Assembly seats in the 13th General Elections (GE-13).

“Now we have won 36 seats, our goal is to get 45, that is our target,” he said that PR has to work as a team to reach the target.

Abdul Khalid said this at a press conference at the Education Fund Presentation to the Selangor Islamic Education Foundation (YAPIS) Ceremony held at the Tahfiz Al-Quran Sofiuddin Complex (KOMTAS), Kampung Sungai Delek, Klang, here today.

In the meantime, PKR will announce the list of candidates who will be contesting in Selangor on 14 April at the AU2 Football Field in Hulu Klang.

Next, Selangor PR will announce all the candidates of the coalition, including the presentation of the manifesto on 17 April, at the Shah Alam Independence Square.

During the GE-12, Selangor PR beat Umno-BN, which only won 20 State Legislative Seats, to form the State Government in 2008.

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