After 20 Years of Waiting, Only Now the Sg Delek Bridge Has Been Completed


KLANG, 29 Apr: The wait for more than 20 years by the local residents around Selat Klang, especially those in Kampung Delek to receive a bridge has ended when it was fully completed.

The bridge named ‘Mini Serambi Mekah’ (Mini Arch of Mecca) cost more than RM3.4 million which was paid for by the Selangor Government and was implemented by the Public Works Department and the Klang Municipal Council (MPK).

Selat Klang constituency candidate, Dr Halimah Ali said that the bridge will be able to solve many problem related to communication faced by the residents.

She said that previously, the residents only used sluice bridged owned by the Department of Drainage and Irrigation (JPS) which was only able to provide access one vehicle at a time.

“So, during the peak hours in the morning and evening, it is very jammed and cannot be crossed by heavy vehicles. With the presence of this bridge, congestion can be reduced,” she told reporters after officiating the new bridge here.


She said that with this bridge, it will also facilitate the local residents to transport remains of deceased over the bridge to the cemetery where previously, residents were forced to use a longer route because of the absence of the bridge.

Meanwhile, the village head of Kampung Delek, Samsul Bahri said that the State Government’s attentiveness is greatly appreciated by the villagers.

“As a representative of the residents, I am very grateful and thankful to the YB (Assemblyman) and the State Government.

“In addition, it can at least reduce the accident rate as well as no longer having to use the longer route, more than 10 kilometres, to get to Port Klang,” he said.

The project which started in early January included the construction of the bridge and a dual direction 1.2 kilometre road.

The bridge which was built across Sungai Telok Gadung and Janal Sri Perantau Kampung Delek managed to be completed in two months. It covers the provision of a new road.


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