Amiruddin: BN Silently Raises Price of Goods


BATU CAVES, 21 Apr: Batu Caves State Legislative Assembly (DUN) PKR candidate, Amiruddin Shari described the actions of the BN leadership which always raises prices silently likened to ‘from thieves to toyols’.

This is because BN leaders dare not face the people to announce any kind of change in policy openly, instead they rather keep quiet about it first and only later it is known by the people.

For example, he said, a number of actions to raise fuel prices were previously only known when they fill out petrol and diesel.

This is because the BN government does not adopt a responsible attitude in solving basic matters that are essentials to the people.

“Equitable distribution can save up to RM500 to RM600 per month. (This) can be saved.

“We do not take shortcuts for the people to forget, by giving RM500 (BR1M). After that, it does not matter, (Umno-BN) quietly at 2.30 (am) the next day raise oil priced by 10 cents.

“Previously, they ‘stole in daylight’. The Minister will make the announcement. From thieves, they have become toyols, because on the quiet and suddenly, oil (prices) increase without knowing because they do not want to be responsible in telling the people that oil (prices) will increase or decrease due to the failure of the Umno-BN administration,” he said in a speech for the Message from the candidate of Batu Caves DUN and Gombak Parliament.

He further explained that BN is only able to copy ideas carried out by PR leaders since five years ago, just to get support while previously, they were so vocal in criticising the proposed programme presented before the 12th General Election (GE-12).


“When proposed the Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor (MES), Umno leaders said that it was not logic and would bankrupt (the state).

“Alhamdulillah, after spending more than RM800 million and development, we are not bankrupt. From RM400 million, the storage reserves are now at RM2.6 billion.

“Within five years of administration, RM49.7 billion in total investment came in, including opening up employment opportunities,” he added.

He further stressed that the people have to rise up and change the country’s leadership administration system to a better one as well as to keep the Pakatan Rakyat administration in Selangor so that the wealth of the state can be enjoyed together.

In the GE-13, Amirudin, as the Batu Caves DUN incumbent, will be challenged by a three-cornered clash between the BN candidate, Rawisandran Narayan and Independent candidate, Suman a/l Gopal.

In 2008, he also faces a three-cornered competition and managed to win the Batu Caves DUN seat with a majority of 3,639 votes.

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