Anwar: Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah Rose the Hard Way, Self-Capability


SHAH ALAM, 3 Apr: PKR De Facto Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim denied claims of the element of nepotism in the party because his wife and eldest daughter holds top posts based on their capabilities and morale.

Anwar explained that Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Ismail began to take over the party leadership when Anwar was imprisoned for six years.

“Meanwhile my daughter, Nurul Izzah, has been through challenges and is not a princess who earns billions of ringgit and has many advantages.

“And she also had difficulties in entering university and faced attacks from all angles.

“We are here based on our struggle and (we) can be compared with those who are rich and famous.

“I leave this question to the people of Malaysia to determine and give us an opportunity as other Malaysians,” said Anwar.

He said this when interviewed by Al-Jazeera International Television live at 6.15pm, Malaysian time.

Answering other questions, Anwar said that the PKR-PAS-SAP party coalition is established based on the success of administering four Pakatan Rakyat states over the past five years.

“We see Pakatan Rakyat cooperating and this has been proven in terms of government administration and accountability, as shown in Selangor and Penang.

“So the question of difference between DAP, PAS and PKR are more towards academics, there are differences but it does not change our direction, as with other political coalitions in other countries, because we have a clear agenda,” said Anwar.

Anwar is confident that Pakatan Rakyat is capable of bringing about economic changes, bringing down corruption and to lead the country to a more democratic system.

He said that the administration of Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak adopts economic policies that flip-flop and failed to properly manage the country’s debt causing a RM400 billion deficit.

“To put the blame on Pakatan Rakyat is not acceptable and the reigning government should provide an explanation.

“What is more important is to fight corruption and ensure that the country is administered transparently and as best as possible,” said Anwar.

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