Car of Exco’s Daughter Burned


KLANG, 26 Apr: A car owned by the daughter of PKR candidate for Sri Andalas, Dr Xavier Jeyakumar was damaged as it was burned in her house in Taman Klang Jaya early this morning.

Sangheta Jeyakumar, 30, believes that the incident is politically motivated because she often follows her father when he campaigns.

She said that the incident occurred about 11pm and was noticed by her neighbour when two men climbed into her house compound before breaking the car windows and threw in cylinder filled with petrol.

“During the incident, U was at the Sri Andalas constituency Operations Room. At that time, my husband and my one year old child was asleep in the house.

“The neighbours who noticed it screamed for help. The two male suspects threatened that they will splash petrol in his direction; however they ran away when many neighbours came out to witness the incident.

“As a result, my car was burned to ‘total loss’. Thankfully they did not burn my husband’s car,” she said in a press conference at the Sri Andalas State Legislative Assembly (DUN) Operations Room.

Also present was the Sri Andalas DUN incumbent, Dr Xavier Jeyakumar and State AMK Chief, Azmizam Zaman Huri.

She added that the loss of the Ford Fiesta car is almost RM85,000.

“Fortunately, the police and the firefighters arrived at the scene before the fire spread to the house.

“There were no important documents in the car except for a voter list given by the Election Commission of Malaysia, but it was saved because it was in the trunk of the car,” she said.

She explained that according to eyewitnesses, apart from the two suspects who threw the petrol, there were two other men waiting in a silver coloured Kia Spectra.

Sangetha who is also the Central AMK Exco condemned politically motivated violence.

“This violent act traumatised my family. But despite this incident, it will not burn our spirit to fight for Pakatan Rakyat policies,” she said.

In the meantime, she said that 100 BN supporters provoked by riding motorcycles in front of her house after the police and firefighters managed to extinguish the fire.

They are knows as the Waris Malaya group who wear blue BN shirts and are noisy, almost causing a fight.

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