Confident ‘Ini Kalilah’ Voters of Paya Jaras Create History


Sungai Buloh, 24 Apr: PAS candidate for the Paya Jaras State Legislative Assembly (DUN), Mohd Khairuddin Othman is confident that voters in Paya Jaras are ready to topple BN in its own stronghold.

He expressed his confidence following response from the Malay and Indian community as well as feedback received from the Chinese community-dominated area.


“There is no doubt for Chinese (community) areas and in Malay areas, at present, voters are showing increasing support.

“Especially since the participation of the former Selangor Chief Minister, Tan Sri Muhammad Mohd Taib, who joined PAS a few days ago,” said Mohd Khairuddin when met by TVSelangor after a meet-the-people programme at the night market in Taman Sri Putra here last night.

Mohd Khairuddin also hopes that voters in constituencies he had contested for in the 12th General Election (GE-12) to give him a chance to prove his ability in providing the best service compared to BN assemblymen.

“The campaign today is akin to falling rain only, but if we win, like it or not, even if I want to or otherwise, I have to increase my efforts by 10 times from now to help the people here. Insya-Allah, even if it floods, I will be with the people.

“Voters now are wiser, unlike in the 60s. Now if they do not see their YB working, they will change (the assemblyman),” he added.

TVSelangor also managed to meet several prospective voters to get their feedback.

Machine operator, KK Chong, 60, said that he is ready to give his support to PR due to the pressures of life faced by the people today.

“This area has a Chinese (community) majority; I believe that more than 80 percent of voters support PR because most of the people I have met do not want BN anymore.


“Among the reasons is the higher cost of living. It is not just the Malays who experience hardship, the Chinese and Indian (communities) are experiencing hardships and pressured, therefore we have to change the government,” he said.

“My Indian friends are all in the same mood of wanting PR because we see the Selangor PR Government working hard, without corruption, they do not steal people’s money, even the natives support PR,” said Tamil Kalai, 50.

The clash between PAS candidate Mohd Khairuddin and BN candidate, Muhammad Bushro Mat Johor in this GE-13 will be their second clash.

For the GE-12 in 2008, Mohd Khairuddin was defeated by the BN candidate with a slim majority of 642 votes.

Muhammad Bushro obtained 11,521 votes while Mohd Khairuddin obtained 10,879 votes.

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