Cost of Building UNISEL Only RM285 Million but Umno-BN Government Built at a Cost of RM1.5 Billion


SHAH ALAM, 22 Apr: The cost of setting up the University of Selangor (UNISEL) based on revaluation only costs RM285 million and not RM1.5 billion as claimed by the previous Umno-BN State Government.

This was exposed by the Vice Chancellor of UNISEL, Prof Dr Anuar Ahmad in a joint interview with TVSelangor.

Anuar claimed that the cost was obtained based on the revaluation of the soil situation and the cracked condition of the building from the impact of construction plans.

“In 2002, the payment for the land for the establishment of UNISEL for 801 acres in Bukit Jalil, 210 acres in Sungai Buloh and 3,000 acres in Bestari Jaya, reached RM1.14 billion.

“Coupled with the bond payments, amounting to RM120 million and the construction of the hostel amounting to RM212 million, caused the overall cost to be RM1.5 billion.

“For the revaluation, the total cost is only RM285 million only, where did RM1.2 billion of the people’s money go to, who should be responsible? How much more of the people’s money has been swallowed, who received it?” he asked.

Anuar added that due to the high cost, UNISEL was forced to pay RM1 million per month to Syarikat Jana Niaga Sdn Bhd (JNSB).

“The MInister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry, Datuk Seri Noh Omar always attacks UNISEL, he should ‘open his eyes’ and see who is to blame.

“In my opinion, he attacks UNISEL to discredit the Selangor State Government, but if we know the truth, surely we will not choose the previous government again.

“Similarly with the debt alleged by Umno-BN, seeing that it is due to the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim’s wisdom of taking over the RM100 million debt previously, UNISEL profited by RM127 million,” he said.

Anuar also commented on the Selangor BN manifesto of wanting to develop UNISEL to reach targets and innovation, he said that the prediction and speeches by the party is not based on facts.

This is because UNISEL always focuses on academic excellence and its student population has increased within these few years.

“In 2015, we targeted for 20 percent of our lecturers to possess Doctorates (PHD). Now we have 60 lecturers with PHDs, we target for 100 lecturers more by 2015.

“However, if previously we only offered for Diploma students, now we have 560 Bachelor Degree and PHD students. Overall, our student population has reached 14,700 students, including students who will be graduating this October,” he said.

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