Development in Klang Better Under Pakatan Rakyat


KLANG, 24 Apr: Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that Pakatan Rakyat could develop the infrastructure and housing in Klang better than Umno-BN.

“I have begun to discuss with the YDP (President) of Klang to review (development plans) to be displayed for the people’s knowledge.

“All this will surely be realised as shown in Bukit Botak and Alam Perdana previously, we are not just saying, but this have all been done.

“This shows that Umno-BN only provides lip service, but I have implemented the works together with other public officials to solve problems,” explained the Port Klang State Legislative Assembly (DUN) candidate.

Abdul Khalid said that if Pakatan successfully takes over Putrajaya after this election, he will revamp road plans.

“Is this time (Pakatan Rakyat) is successful in Putrajaya, I will frame the (road) development plan in Klang because I’m smarter than (Prime Minister Datuk Seri) Najib Razak.

“Because I was part of the Malaysian Economic Planning Unit and was on the Board of Directors at the Institute of Strategic Study.

“This is the difference between an ‘implementer’ and those who only provide lip service,” added the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Guthrie Berhad.

Abdul Khalid was the CEO of Guthrie from 1995 to 2003, and is responsible for triggering the construction of the Guthrie Highway from Rawang to Shah Alam.

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