‘Hot Huts’ Will Be Demolished on Polling Day


PUTRAJAYA, 10 Apr: The Election Commission (EC) will demolish all ‘hot huts’ set up on the polling day and this rule will be enforced on all political parties.

According to the EC Chairman, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, the EC does not have any problem if the ‘hot huts’ are set up throughout the campaigning period.

“If there are hot huts, we will demolish it. Under the provisions of the law, these (hot huts) cannot be set up.

“Put up as many hot huts as desired but on polling day, do not use them,” he stressed in a GE-13 press conference after chairing a special meeting to determine the polling day.

Abdul Aziz explained that the EC does not have jurisdiction on the installation of flags that are currently happening and for legal provisions of election campaigning, the EC is only effective on the nomination day.

In regards to the campaign period, which is characterised as long, Abdul Aziz stated that the 15 days set was decided by the EC although the recommendation of the Parliament Stage Election Committee previously only suggested 10 days.

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