Husam: Serious Parking and Premises Rent Problems in Putrajaya


PUTRAJAYA, 19 Apr: Putrajaya PAS candidate, Datuk Husam Musa claims that the Federal Government has failed to address some serious issues faced the people of Putrajaya such as problems of parking, various taxes and rent rates which are too high.

According to Husam, the lack of parking for junior civil servants in Putrajaya is becoming increasingly serious, forcing these people to use paid parking or to park their vehicles at road shoulders.

In relation to that, he will propose to Perbadanan Putrajaya to abolish the paid parking system for convenience of parking vehicles.

“They are forced to use paid parking, while the land belongs to Perbadanan Putrajaya and no facility is provided except for tar-roads.

“I recommend for Perbadanan Putrajaya to eliminate the paid parking because the majority of those using the parking are subordinate staff,” he said at a press conference here at Putrajaya today.

Husam also received complaints that the rental rates charged to cafeteria traders in government buildings in Putrajaya are too high and is burdensome to traders and subordinate workers.

“Yesterday, I stopped by the cafeteria at the Ministry of Human Resources. There are 17 food stalls and traders grumbled because they had to rent to a middleman and the rent was between RM1200 to RM1500.

“And the customers, subordinates, hope for the rent to be reduced and for food prices to also be lowered.

“I hope that this matter will be reviewed by Perbadanan (Putrajaya), why not make it similar to the city of Kuala Lumpur, why is it higher in Putrajaya, this will affect the people,” he added.

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