Husam: There is a Formula to Solve Housing Problems in Putrajaya


PUTRAJAYA, 18 Apr: The main problem faced by the proletariat in the administrative centre of Putrajaya such as housing, will be solved if Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is voted for in the 13th General Elections (GE-13).

Putrajaya Parliament PAS candidate, Datuk Husam Musa, said that he has some good approaches to solve the problems of the average population who are civil servants.

He said that he promises to endeavour to lower the rent at Pangsapuri Putra Permai to a rate that should be paid by residents.

“The RM350 rent for the staff of Perbadanan Putrajaya and RM500 for bus services in Putrajaya.

“I can tell you, residents of this apartment, RM350 I will reduce it to RM250, RM500 will be reduced to RM350,” he said in the People’s Independence Tour session at Desa Pinggiran Putra, here at Putrajaya last night.

Also present was PAS President, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, the Sepang Parliament PAS candidate, Mohamed Hanipa Maidin and nearly 10,000 attendees.

Husam, also the Vice-President of PAS, said that he will give suggestions to the Federal Government to build 20,000 affordable houses especially for civil servants in Putrajaya.


However, once Husam was announced as the Putrajaya Parliament candidate, the Government Chief Secretary (KSN), Datuk Mohd Ali Hamsa at once announced to build 10,000 Prima homes at Precinct 11.

According to Husam, the Federal Government’s move to build 10,000 1Malaysia Housing (Prima) units at a cost of RM2 billion on the land at Precinct 11 Putrajaya is at a loss.

This is because the value of the property in Precinct 11 has increased to RM150 per square foot and the move that the Federal Government should have taken is to sell it to other parties and to buy land in surrounding areas that are cheaper.

According to him, the land at Bukit Damar is worth RM50 per square foot and with the provision of RM2 billion, 20,000 houses can be built with a larger area.

“With the provisions mentioned by KSN, we can build 20,000 houses with an area of 1000 square feet,” he said.

In simmilar developments, Husam also plans to open a Science Maahad Tahfiz in Putrajaya if PR wins in the GE-13.

He said that the concept was successfully proven in Kelantan and will benefit 95 percent of the Muslim population in the area.

“Why fly to Kelantan when the parents are in Putrajaya.

“It was successful in Kelantan, we shall follow the model, these children can study medicine in Russia, once they’re out, they can return as doctors,” said the former Kelantan Chief Minister’s Political Secretary, Datuk Tuan Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat.

In the GE-13 which will be held on 5 May, Husam will challenge the parliament incumbent, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor who is also the Umno Secretary General.

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