JPM Spends RM36.1 Million for Advertisement Costs


SHAH ALAM, 9 Apr: PKR Secretary General, William Leong, criticised the Prime Minister’s Department (JPM) when they freely spent up to RM36.1 million for advertising costs to enhance the image of the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s administration in the eyes of the people.

According to William in a media statement today, the amount was obtained from a Maybank report dated 19 March.

“JPM spent a total of RM36.1 million in the mainstream media, especially for the advertising campaign on radio and television stations,” said William who will defend the Selayang Parliamentary seat.

According to William, the action was taken to hide the inefficient management of public funds and embezzlement during the 50 years of administering the country and creating a sense of prosperity despite the reality of facing crucial challenges, especially on security issues.

“In addition to that, before the GE-13 campaign starts, BN has already spent a total of RM4.9 million in February 2013 for the purpose of disseminating propaganda through the media.

“Thus, we can see that under the BN hegemony, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) was not given any chance to appear in the mainstream media such as on television or radio stations TV3 and RTM without restrictions or conditions,” said William.

According to William, this proves that the BN government still supports an unfair electoral system.

Earlier, the Federal Government, since under Najib, has been said to spend the most in order to improve his administration’s image in the eyes of the people of this country and the international community.

In addition to enhancing Najib and BN’s image, it was also used to combat political enemies with Anti-Anwar propaganda internationally.

The government pays up to RM77 million a year to foreign consultants such as the APCO, solely to enhance the image of the Prime Minister.

Apart from that, the government under Najib also was found to have hired the Director of Trevino Strategies and Media Inc, Trevino for a fee of RM1.2 million and 10 other writers, some of which are known to be pro-Isreal.

The Malaysian Government was also reported to have hired foreign consultant, FBC Media, who was involved in the campaign to support Israel military attack against the Mavi Marmara aid mission convoy to Gaza in May 2011, with a fee of 19.6 million Euro (RM94 million).

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