Khalid Ibrahim Wants to Save “The Neglected” Port Klang


KLANG, 20 Apr: Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim believes that he can win the hearts of the voters in Port Klang based on his five-year experience in administering the Selangor Government previously.

He was responding about his one-on-one clash with BN candidate, Datuk Nassaruddin M Zin.

“I promise that with win, I hope to carry out my duties better and to bring many changes and development to Port Klang,” he said.

He was met after the nomination of candidates for Klang Parliament at the Hamzah Hall at the Klang Municipal Council.

The Port Klang State Legislative Assembly (DUN) is a hot seat as the incumbent, Badrul Hisham Abdullah, the only PKR people’s representative who jumped party in Selangor.

During the last term, Abdul Khalid was the Assemblyman for Ijok.

Abdul Khalid added that PR has a strategy to recapture the DUN seat based on the voices of the voters who want their welfare to be taken care of.

“They do have plans so as to get the candidate they want. They want me to lead Port Klang, which they feel has been neglected by their representative previously.

“Thanks to my fellow leaders who unfailingly give me support.

“I hope that this election can be clean and civilised and thank you for giving me facilities in Port Klang, as I have given in Ijok previously,” he said.

In a press statement, Abdul Khalid is confident that the people of Selangor are mature enough in going through the election process and to avoid from being involved in incidents that could affect the course of a peaceful election.

“The general election this time is very important because the process of creating a two-party system is increasingly apparent and the people are given the right to determine the future of the economic and social administration of Selangor,” said Abdul Khalid.

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