Main Focus of Lembah Jaya Candidate is to Provide Information to the Malay Community


AMPANG, 26 Apr: Constriction of the Malay community in Lembah Jaya constituency in receiving information on policies and the success of the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Government is the main focus throughout the 13th General Election (GE-13) campaign.

The community is said to be ‘more comfortable’ in receiving information through pro-Umno traditional media such as daily newspapers compared to new media such as websites.

Hence, the Lembah Jaya State Legislative Assembly (DUN) incumbent, Khasim Abdul Aziz and the party machinery are revitalising clarification of information campaigns through dissemination of leaflets on policies implemented by Pakatan Rakyat over the past five years.

“The society’s response now is much better than in 2008, mainly because we have already become a government. The people know us and know what we do.

“Support from the Chinese and Indian communities has increased further. It’s only 50-50 for the Malay community based on my observations. We will enhance focus on Malays during mornings.

“Although many people go out to work in the morning, we will leave for them the Pakatan Rakyat Manifesto and the Selangor Kini newspaper,” he said when met at a social with voters session at the Aeon Big supermarket at Taman Bukit Ampang.

According to him, the local’s acceptance is getting better, however it still needs to be improved if Lembah Jaya DUN managed to be successfully defended in the GE-13.

During the past five years of being the Lembah Jaya candidate, his biggest challenge was to explain the Pakatan Rakyat Government’s welfare programme seeing that there were many who were still unaware of it.

In the clash this time, Kasim, who is also the GE-12 incumbent, will face Umno-BN candidate, Baderisham Jolly.

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